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Solutions for a Healthy Planet

Who are We, What do we Do, and Why?

Earth needs help. Global warming, species and biodiversity loss, and pandemics are on the rise, threatening the planet and all of us who live here.

These pressing environmental crises share similar drivers: Habitat destruction, industrial agriculture, and wildlife trafficking. They also point to the same solution framework: we call it Planetary Health.

EarthTeam is an online center supporting Planetary Health, a comprehensive 3-pillar approach that helps PREVENT environmental disasters that negatively impact people, animals, ecosystems and economies:

  • Wildlife Protection (stopping poaching and stopping demand);
  • Habitat Protection (safeguarding our common natural home);
  • Regenerative Agriculture (feeding and clothing our planet sustainably).

EarthTeam can help anyone share, learn, and act. On this hub you will find:

Solutions, including tools, training courses and more; and
People behind the solutions, including individuals and organizations.

Specifically, Earth Team features:

  • Model Projects designed for scale (add your own)
  • Tools, such as free apps and manuals
  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • Training Courses (online and offline)
  • Video Testimonials and Podcast Discussions
  • Profiles of Protectors (add your own)
  • Calendars of Events
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Job Openings


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