The CTOC program was designed for law enforcement agencies across the globe to improve cross-agency and cross-border collaboration to combat transnational organized crime. 

Special CTOC sub-programs have been developed for countering wildlife trafficking and human trafficking. CTOC manuals are a core reference for law enforcement training instructors using the CTOC program. Course materials were designed as an integrated package whereby each component builds upon the other. It is recommended to apply the manual in its entirety wherever feasible. However, each CTOC course can be tailored to each target audience, emphasizing modules that are most valuable to that audience. The CTOC-Marine (CTOC-M) training program was designed to help enforcers analyze, investigate and dismantle trafficking syndicates using marine pathways. CTOC-M is an adaption of CTOC, which was born from the realization that no one agency or country can address the problem of counter transnational crime alone.

CTOC Marine Manual is available in Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia and English.

CTOC manuals are available for download. Due to the confidential nature of the law enforcement subject matter, please click here to request access to the manuals.

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CTOC Marine Manual