National Park Rescue is Africa’s frontline emergency service, rescuing dying national parks and the wildlife they protect. They design and implement rescue operations that restore national parks on the brink of collapse, working with national wildlife authorities, engaging local communities, tackling corruption, and stopping poaching. 

Rather than importing foreign rangers and staff, National Park Rescue believes local people should be empowered to save their own natural heritage. Their operations provide high-quality jobs and commercial opportunities to local people previously disenfranchised by conservation, creating an ecosystem of interdependence between the parks and the communities that surround them.  

A park ranger

Initially backed by a group of film stars including Sir Roger Moore and Sir Michael Palin, National Park Rescue is a lean and agile organisation, disrupting the traditional charity model. With no permanent offices and minimal overheads; nearly every penny raised makes it to the front line where it is most needed. 

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