No film degree? No problem. Beginners welcome.
If you have an idea for a local story to share, we want to help you bring it to life.

In collaboration with TELUS STORYHIVE, VoVo Productions is offering a program to train, mentor and support residents of British Columbia and Alberta to each make a locally reflective short video documentary, with the filmmaking tools they have available. Completed documentaries will be made available on TELUS Optik TV® On Demand. This program was created to provide professional support and mentorship to empower first-time documentary filmmakers in Western Canada who have a story about their community they are passionate to share.

Farhan Umedaly Filmmaker

For the past 5 years, thanks to TELUS STORYHIVE, The Empowered Filmmaker Masterclass was able to certify and train 325+ new indigenous filmmakers throughout BC and Alberta. Our program is a hands-on 5-day intensive filmmaking workshop where participants produce their own short documentaries in just 5 days using state-of-the-art film gear. On Monday, participants don’t have any experience making films, yet by Friday we are screening their films with the community at our very own film festival and awards ceremony alongside the community and elders. Participants receive official certifications, ongoing mentorship, camera giveaways and become eligible for grants up to $100,000.

An indigenous person

The indigenous communities we serve have undergone a great deal of damage due to the impacts of colonization and particularly from Canada’s residential schools which were active until just decades ago. We believe in building capacity for filmmaking and media production within indigenous communities so they can do the necessary work they need to do to help restore their language, culture and protect our shared world. Filmmaking also works completely in alignment with indigenous oral traditions.

This program is enabling the stories of elders to be immortalized for future generations and many youths who otherwise felt disconnected or isolated have now been given voices to build bridges and share their lived experiences with the world. Our participants range in age from 14 to 75+.

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