Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection is dedicated to improving the lives of chimpanzees, both wild and rescued, through rehabilitation, protection and conservation. We are Liberia’s first and only sanctuary for all chimpanzees in need. LCRP’s Conservation Center operates as a one health hub, bringing together partners from diverse sectors to advance local, regional and international wildlife protection and conservation initiatives.

LCRP is a formally registered NGO in both Liberia and the United States. Our sanctuary is dedicated to providing the highest standards of care and welfare for chimpanzees who are victims of the bushmeat and pet trades. We collaborate with local and international partners to develop long term strategies that combat the illegal trade of chimpanzees and other protected wildlife and develop innovative conservation education, awareness, protection and community development programs.

LCRP has built a state of the art sanctuary including a night dormitory, nursery, office, food preparation and management housing. We have worked with law enforcement to rescue over 80 chimpanzees, including four from neighboring Guinea Bissau. Our Liberian team is over 65 strong, all from the local community. LCRP sits in the Marshall Wetlands, a unique and dynamic estuarine habitat containing large, intact, mangrove forests. The area is currently in the process of being gazetted as a multi-use protected area. LCRP’s presence in this landscape provides added protection to this important biodiversity hotspot. LCRP’s presence has resulted in increased diversity of wildlife species and restoration of bird migrations.

LCRP is a local, regional and international conservation partner. We work with local communities to implement programs focused on climate smart agriculture, business development, honey production and woodlots as fuel sources. LCRP supports village savings and loans encouraging entrepreneurial activities. We are developing nature based tourism to enhance the protection of chimpanzees and other resident wildlife, protect the area’s unique biodiversity, and improve the livelihoods and economic status of local communities. LCRP is partnering with a consortium of local and international organizations to establish several new protected areas in Liberia’s southeast region that contain critically important populations of chimpanzees and other endangered species and ecosystems.

LCRP’s commitment to a One Health approach involves multisectoral partnerships to improve the overall health and welfare of all. Our work extends to areas such as emerging disease research, vaccination and spay/neuter programs, wildlife policy, conservation action planning, animal welfare, and capacity building of local scientists and conservation professionals. We are committed to both the welfare and conservation of chimpanzees and the social, economic and environmental well being of humans. Our collaborative partnerships include local and international organizations and relevant Liberian government agencies.

Through this holistic approach to conservation Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection aspires to improve the lives of all species through rescuing chimpanzees in need and keeping wild chimps wild.

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